int DeviceGetName(char *name, int len);


Gets the name of the device that was set by the user.


Return Value


Returns a non-zero value if the call was successful, zero otherwise.





Pointer to a character buffer to receive the device name.



Specifies the length of the buffer pointed to by name.




DeviceGetName() gets the name the user has selected for the device, e.g. "Bob's iPhone".


Windows Simulator NOTE: To provide values for the Windows Simulator, be sure to edit C:\DragonFireSDK\DragonFireSDK.ini and modify the value for Name in the Device section.




Available in DragonFireSDK 1.4 and later.




#include "DragonFireSDK.h"


int MyFont;

int NameText;


char ValueText[50];

char TextBuffer[100];


void AppMain()




       MyFont = FontAdd("Helvetica", "Regular", 18, 0x00FF00);


       DeviceGetName(ValueText, 50);

       sprintf(TextBuffer, "Name: %s", ValueText);

       NameText = TextAdd(10, 10, TextBuffer, MyFont);




void OnTimer()







void AppExit()