int DrawArc(int dr, int x, int y, int radius, int begin, int end);


Draws an arc on a Draw surface.


Return Value


Return value not used.





Handle to the Draw surface to be drawn on.



The x coordinate of the center of the circle of the arc.



The y coordinate of the center of the circle of the arc.



The radius of the circle, in pixels.



The angle, in degrees, where the arc should begin.  Zero degrees describes the point that is at the x coordinate of the radius and radius pixels above the radius point.



The angle, in degrees, at which the angle should end.




DrawArc() draws an arc of a circle on the Draw surface.




Available in DragonFireSDK 1.3 and later.




#include "DragonFireSDK.h"


int MyDraw;


void AppMain()


  MyDraw = DrawAdd(0, 0, 320, 480);

  // Set up my draw colors and pen width...

  DrawSetColor(MyDraw, 0xFF0000);

  DrawSetFillColor(MyDraw, 0x00FF00FF);

  DrawSetPenWidth(MyDraw, 2);

  //Draw a line...

  DrawMoveTo(MyDraw, 10, 10);

  DrawLineTo(MyDraw, 20, 20);

  //Draw another line...

  DrawLine(MyDraw, 20, 20, 10, 20);

  //Draw a hollow circle...

  DrawCircle(MyDraw, 10, 50, 50, 50);

  //Draw a filled circle...

  DrawCircleFill(MyDraw, 10, 110, 50, 50);

  //Draw a hollow square...

  DrawSquare(MyDraw, 80, 50, 50, 50);

  //Draw a fillerd square...

  DrawSquareFill(MyDraw, 80, 110, 50, 50);

  //Draw an arc...

  DrawArc(MyDraw, 140, 75, 25, 0, 90);



void AppExit()





void OnTimer()