void OnTimer();


The OnTimer() function is called 30 times per second to allow changes to be made to create animation. A DragonFireSDK program must have one function named OnTimer().  Additionally, DragonFireSDK programs must have AppMain() and AppExit() functions.




Required function starting with DragonFireSDK 1.0.




Description: This program will move the image 2 pixels once each frame (30 times per sec).


#include "DragonFireSDK.h"


int Ballx;

int Bally;

int BallImage;

int BallView;


void AppMain()


  Ballx = 0;

  Bally = 0;


  BallImage = ImageAdd("Ball.png"); // load an image

  BallView  = ViewAdd(BallImage, Ballx, Bally); // show the image on the screen



void AppExit()





void OnTimer()


  Ballx += 2;

  ViewSetxy(BallView, Ballx, Bally); // modify the x,y position of the view