void Randomize();


Initializes the random number generator to return a variable random number sequence. Consider using RandomSetSeed() for a fixed and repeatable random number sequence.




Available in DragonFireSDK 1.0 and later.




Description: This example will generate a new series of random numbers each time the user touches the screen.


#include "DragonFireSDK.h"

#include <string.h>


// Set MAX_RND to the total number of random values that will be printed

// to the debug window.

#define MAX_RND 40

// Set SEQUENCE_LENGTH to the maximum number of random numbers times two

// to allow for commas between values, plus add room for the length of

// the sequence prefix.

#define SEQUENCE_LENGTH (MAX_RND * 2) + 11



int OnTouchArea(int id, int event, int x, int y);


void AppMain()


  TouchAdd(0, 0, 320, 480, OnTouchArea, 0);



int OnTouchArea(int id, int event, int x, int y)


  // Event 3 is called when the user lifts their finger from the touch area.

  if (event == 3)


    // Call the randome number generator.


    // Declare the Sequence buffer.

    char Sequence[SEQUENCE_LENGTH];

    // Initialize the buffer with null characters.

     memset(Sequence, 0, SEQUENCE_LENGTH);      

    // Add our prefix to the output string.

     StrAppend(Sequence, "Sequence: ");

    // Declare a buffer for the next random number.

    char Num[2];

    // Loop to build the random number string:

    for (int i = 0; i < MAX_RND; ++i)


        // Format the integer as a decimal string.

        sprintf(Num, "%d", Random(10));

        // Add the Num buffer to our output buffer.

        StrAppend(Sequence, Num);

        // Add a comma to the sequence to separate the values,

        // except for the final value.

        if (i < MAX_RND - 1)


           StrAppend(Sequence, ",");



    // Add a return at the end of the line

     StrAppend(Sequence, "\n");

    // Output the sequence of random numbers to the debug window.






void AppExit()





void OnTimer()