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The iPhone is the most exciting new platform for software that we have seen in years! As developers, we are wise to take advantage of the opportunity to participate by creating Apps for it.


With years of programming experience in C/C++ on the Windows platform, our dream was to develop an iPhone App with the familiar tools and language we know well. When we discovered that iPhone development was limited to development on a Mac, we were surprised that there was no Windows offering. After we bought a Mac, we were even more surprised that the language was not C/C++. It was Objective-C which is a totally different syntax than C/C++.


We knew there would be other Windows developers that would want to develop iPhone applications using Visual C++, its debugger and its familiar C/C++ language. So we set out on the long journey to make it happen. DragonFireSDK is the result.


The team we assembled to create the SDK has extensive experience in creating Simulators and APIs. We decided to go all-out  to deliver the most concise API possible that could create 2D games for the iPhone.


We believe the most exciting area of development for the iPhone is games, more specifically, 2D games that the user can quickly understand and enjoy while waiting 2 minutes for Starbucks coffee. There is not time to read a book of instructions on how to play. We would suggest that programmers revisit the most successful arcade games for clues that will lead to a great iPhone game. Consider the simple fun of PacMan, Defender and Asteroids.


Some of the simplest games have the most downloads. Now, it’s your turn. DragonFireSDK makes it easy to create games. You have every opportunity to create an application that could be very profitable. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you to see your application selling at the iPhone App store.


Games created with DragonFireSDK can be fully written and debugged in Windows and are also fully compliant for distribution and sales at the Apple iPhone App Store.