DragonFireLabs is a testing ground for new features giving you access to pre-release functions. This is your chance to test out the latest and greatest stuff from the DragonFireSDK team. Labs releases are for the Windows iPhone Simulator. You'll see Labs releases every 2 weeks and major releases each month.

Get ready for crazy weekends of iPhone game development and chances to win cash money! App themes, graphics, and even code to get you started will be released on select Fridays throughout the year. Apps must be submitted by 11:59 the following Sunday night and the winner will be decided by our panel of judges.

As a primer for the Weekend Warrior Challenges we are hosting a Mini-Challenge with this Labs release. Create a flickering fire for a chance to win $100. Entries will be judged by date/time submitted, the quality of the code, and the finised App. The code will be hosted online as the Sample App for the Bitmap functions.

1. Flame must be no larger than 100x100 pixles
2. Flame must be able to start from a torch image
3. Color must be yellow/orange/red (see our logo)

Submit your App to:

7-12-10      Draw, Bitmap and Network Functions
Updated Draw functions allow for screen drawing.
Updated Bitmap functions allow for bitmap editing.
Network Support
LCD Control
Install Instructions:
1. Rename C:\DragonFireSDK\DragonFireSDK.lib to DragonFireSDKold.lib
2. Extract the new DragonFireSDK.lib to C:DragonFireSDK
3. Use the new DragonFireSDK.h in your project folder
4. ReadMe.txt will detail updates in functionality
send any help file revisions to: